Identity Verification

Verify your client's identity documents without the need for complex integrations

Easily verify your client's identity document within your workflow, whether it be standalone verification, combined within eSignatures, or via API integration.

Flexible configurations

Easily adjust the level of verification you need to the type of transaction you’re processing, whether that’s simple age verification to full biometric authentication against a range of official documents.

Get verification done in few minutes

Use the standalone (out-of-the-box) verification workflow to easily collect and verify your client's identity documents in minutes. It's easier than collecting an eSignature, all that's needed is an email address.

Combine with eSignatures

Include identity verification as part your eSignature workflow to ensure multi-factor authentication of signers.

Multi-device Access

Convenient verification on the go - whether on a desktop, mobile, or tablet, users are effortlessly directed to the optimal place to begin their identity verification process.

Biometric Authentication

Users automate their ID and age authentication using biometric data, from a simple selfie and live video.

Comprehensive Coverage

Covering over 200 countries, we automatically authenticate various documents - including driving licenses, passports, and ID cards - against official sources.

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