Identity Verification

Do more than just signing, with multi factor ID Verification

Combine multi factor ID authentication into your e-signing needs within one, safe and secure environment, to validate your clients easily and efficiently.

Just One Place

Take the hassle out of using several platforms to get one job done. Streamline your workflow, meaning all the official ID checks and e-signing can be done in one place making it easier for you and your clients

Watertight Security

Access third party identity service providers in real-time, with quick and accurate results. With ID verified through multiple factors, minimizing errors and exposure.

Resource Saving

ID Verification is included within your one fee and available as a feature within all Pactima products. Simply login in as usual to access document packets and use as and when needed.


Easily change up the level of verification you need to the type of transaction you’re processing, whether that’s simple age verification to full biometric authentication against a range of official documents.

Covering a range of needs has never been easier, from age authentication to full ID Verification - we’ve got it all included within one easy fee.

Multi device access

Access made easy - users are taken directly to the right place to get started with verifying who they are.

Biometric Authentication

Users automate their ID and age authentication using biometric data, from a simple selfie and live video.

Document Verification

Whether that’s a Driving Licence, Passport or ID card - all are automatically authenticated with official state sources.

Plus Pactima’s global features included with any of our products

Stamps, signatures and initials

Add company stamps to documents when needed and save signatures and initials to apply when signing.

Calendar management

Schedule signing sessions through the platform and integrate effortlessly with your calendar and email provider. Never miss a deadline with Pactima.


Save regularly used documents as well as functionality to populate personalized fields, either manually or with a CSV file upload.

Team management

Allow team members varying levels of access and easily assign through subscription management.

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